An early 1980s dream ...

After spending several waking hours one day picking through and choosing a variety of printer fonts, I took a nap and found myself at a long table with a group of people working on a magazine. I asked which typeface they were using. Someone quickly said, "WHIZATIVE", which created an awareness of the dream. "I don't recognize that font, but want to remember it. I'm going to go write it down and will be right back." I opened my eyes long enough to pick up a bedside pen and paper, closed my eyes and wrote WHIZATIVE on the paper. It all happened so quickly that I rejoined the dream group. Rather than continue with the ongoing discussion, and not wanting to get distracted within the dream, I said, "The word WHIZATIVE was unfamiliar and made me realize that I was asleep, so I woke up and wrote it down. Now I'm back. Where did I go?" As the immediate laughter throughout the room lessened, someone explained: ''You didn't go anywhere. You just went to sleep."

Rev. 3 Sept. 2005