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Resolving Calendar Issues

Boundaries should end when eyes close. Willing acceptance of those that do not are among the most persistent until awareness reveals insight. At some point, calls for change gain voice and action and …a new world view.

Sometimes, an idea or belief is all that stands between here and there. Sometimes, 'there' seems so far away that 'here' ignores it. Sometimes, awareness of 'there' is so vivid that why it is not yet 'here' is not at all/now clear. To all of this enters calendar reform.

The silliness of our present Gregorian calendar is that we can use it but not have it as our own. Unlike the clock, which we all share at all times and use to connect our individual realities, the shifting Gregorian calendar interrupts and disrupts our past and future while subtly minimizing any appearance of itself as part of the problem.

Gregorian calendar presence announces, "Be satisfied with what you have been given." Its version of eye-on-the-ball thinking is watching the ball without even imagining being on the ball...or being the ball. With it, we view the stars instead of being a part of the stars. In infinite thinking there is no need to concede that there are too many stars to visit.

A big step can be a series of smaller steps. A big step can be the same small step repeated over and over — as in people saying YES to The World Calendar. So concentrate on being one. Being one (one YES, one star, one ball, one step, one's SELF) opens awareness to how and how to being.

Acknowledging difficulties in using the Gregorian calendar has amazing implications that become more obvious with UniverseCity awareness. It's as if The World Calendar is between our Gregorian calendar and UniverseCity. To approach UniverseCity, recognize The World Calendar as step towards a goal, take the step and exceed the goal.

Born, do, die. All the rest is open to question. When we manage to use any amount of our mind/brain power together to fix something that is a problem for all of us, the goal AND the result can be to individually AND collectively access more than before. Though it has not been both recently and commonly considered, there is a simple solution in our near future if we plan a little and just let it be. Expectation often is that something with so much potential needs to be more complicated. Well, there are all sorts of excuses and reviewing them is good transition to the question, "How can we NOT agree to take advantage of new awareness and opportunity?" Not fixing the deficient Gregorian calendar in 2017(2023) increases uncertainty as to when it will be fixed. There is no better time than our lifetimes. THIS lifetime is where our action's at, baby!

Believe in the freedom of mind. Believe it is infinite but not all knowing
while tethered to physical reality in a body. Sharing this conclusion is
for the purpose of application, which can use it as a starting point.

U n i v e r s e C i t y

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The World Calendar and Description
The World Calendar and Description



"There's no limit to how high you can fly once you believe in yourself." --from TV ad for October 2008 release of Walt Disney's 'TinkerBell' DVD . --21 OCT. 2008


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UniverseCity.org is joining other sites @ AMassiveKansasEffort.org

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