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(A 5 January 2006 thought caught passing after waking.)

I wonder how much missed sleep (“can’t sleep”) is caused by separation rather than some particular source. We do so much alone in this world but claim connection to a better vision through faith and belief. We may call upon a higher power, but how less accessible is it when we are so individually apart? If I can receive release and draw comfort from communion with my eyes closed, then I should be able to welcome it even more if it is not just full of dreams without understanding or apparent meaning. THE POINT is if we as a world of people can unite our eyes open and eyes closed, BEYOND THAT, perhaps, will be the glimpse of what we claim to have now.

"Sign of purpose being reached:
20/20 vision with eyes closed."

--Mythical Real

A REQUEST-- to anyone who has ever asked or been asked by another to close their eyes for prayer:

Please consider the possibilities for world peace that The World Calendar offers. The "power of prayer" and "life after death" are sources of hope, but can anyone rule out the potential of better understanding once we eliminate unanimous divisions between calendar and time? We living beings have opportunity in 2017(2023) to apply wisdom that was mostly unavailable to our ancestors.

(1)There is a balance of priorities to be acknowledged here. A minority fundamentalist religious view insists that the Fourth Commandment remembrance of the Sabbath must include a tradition of uninterrupted seven-day week rigidity. Under their penalty of fear, this includes no breaks, no review and no variation to their 'forced memory' for everyone.

The Gregorian calendar may have represented the culmination of human knowledge in 1582 but today it represents the same human condition: STUCK.


(1) 14 March 2010 addendum (Revised 3 Jan. 2012, 20 Dec. 2012):


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