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The point is not to make a calendar for dreams like awake has a calendar.  The goal is to have an eyes open calendar simple enough to use within dream awareness of being awake."

Part of what is beyond imagination about using The World Calendar in our heads is that we’ve never had an implemented calendar simple enough to do it. After realizing that nearly unanimous human use of calendar applies to waking, a challenge has been to describe benefits of eyes-closed access. 

Ability to use a calendar while awake but with eyes closed implies capability of using it anywhere at any time: In bed, while looking at the stars on a moonless night, during a public lecture or group meeting daydream. These waking attempts to specifically unite calendar-thoughts in time now lack a connection similar to the way clock is available. The familiar memorized day-to-day clock cycle applied to calendar frees the mind more expansively.  And that is the point here: Approaching sleep without self-imposed limits between brain potential and physical body pinpoints the type of unimaginable, or beyond imagination goal that is central to core TWC memorizable advantage.

Projected usefulness of a memorizable 12-month calendar version is more than previously voiced.  Considering our present Gregorian calendar as a source of interference in understanding more about dreams has not been part of the usual pitch for calendar reform.  But when we dream in sleep with imagination free from material calendar boundaries, no one can predict where that will take us.  Most simply, that may be because we haven’t been there before - or don’t remember being there, what we brought back or could have brought back.

There may be some who fear unleashing such ties that bind our minds apart from each other and beyond the waking. That fear plants itself in all sorts of rationalizing from calling it stupid, to projecting boredom as a result, to declaring preference for the variety of having a birthday or particularly chosen anniversary fall on different days of the week each year. Is anyone bored with repetitive clock – every day same thing over and over? Those afraid of making God angry still attempt to classify the Fourth Commandment as supportive to their cause. What worked more than half a century ago to delay fixing this was part of lost then and is still lost now. Deeply lost.

The challenge is to fix a unanimous something that has stayed broken because most people do not consider it broken. The fact is that the Gregorian calendar institution shuffles the calendar in such a way that our infinite mind, both with eyes open and closed, is limited by it. TheDepthOfLost.


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