How OkMoneksCo Works

Grassroots mind example.

Although it can be comforting and encouraging to hear claims about ability to do
anything you can dream, a not so obvious exception is that hardly anyone can use
the current Gregorian calendar with their eyes closed or asleep.

In dreams, where 'thought is action", it follows that personally memorizing The World Calendar
can help promote and apply general understanding of the current (Gregorian) inability. Even better,
using The World Calendar from memory removes physical barriers to imagination.
More specifically, the full benefits would require world-wide implementation.

So -- individuals memorizing The World Calendar all over the world is significant, but the
impact required for the world to take notice with enough response needs

During the (pre-satellite / pre-computers / pre- mobile telephones / pre-TVs-in-every-home / pre-Internet)1950's,
when the United Nations considered The World Calendar for adoption, the winners were
supporters of status quo who claimed that a majority of people did not want calendar reform.
They would have been more accurate to say that a majority of people had not yet even heard of
The World Calendar.

Fast forward to 2012 when the Internet is portable and social media holds potential for major change.
Family and friends everywhere are in communication effortlessly and instantaneously.
That's not even new anymore, but can you use the calendar function of your portable phone/pad in your sleep???

That symbolizes the barrier that we and our ancestors inherited.
When YOU memorize The World Calendar and understand the significance enough to share it,
consider sharing it within the five-state OKMoneksCo area. If that is not possible,
encourage out of area enthusiasts to channel sharing back to the five-state area.

At all times, the IDEA of TWC calendar reform is carried with the understanding that a memorizable calendar
is what the world needs. Any individual who memorizes TWC has the opportunity to understand the importance.
Anyone who understands the importance now knows that the next best step is simple:
Tell the person you most want to also know
and recommend OkMoneksCo

Rev. 5 January 2012